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I bring visions to life

I have been creating images my whole life, painting, writing or filming.
Traveling and living in many different parts of the world is my norm,
being a part of different cultures, working in many different environments have taught me to be resilient, compassionate and quick to fit in.  
The underwater world has always been my inspiration, especially the way every species interacts perfectly to maintain a balanced world. 

King Tommy  the book is a tribute to the strength of the small person,
the underdog and the miracles that lie within us.

Chateau Tommy was my B&B in France.
In 3 months I turned an old village shop into a bohemian styled B&B.

My vast experience in hospitality and client service has led me to 
navigate my life towards excellent interpersonal skills and occasionally embark on some of my mad ideas. The sky is the limit! 


Services & Skills:
Published, managed book tour and sales for the King Tommy book
Created design line from my art
Created my own teaching method for underwater film
Coordinator, leadership skills and logistics knowledge.

Motivational coach & help small businesses to find their voice

A linguist interested in the phycology of languages and cultures
Set up a B&B from scratch in 3 months
Talent manager 
Worked with 5 star clientele in several countries
Fundraising for our charity in India
Apartment manager for holiday rentals
Stewardess on luxury yachts

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