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King Tommy
Monique Golda Nerman

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My art is inspired by the underwater world and the Buddist colors of South East Asia.
I blend strong Asian flavors with the feeling of breathing and the sensation of being underwater. 
My paintings bring strong emotions and colours and evokes the gentle currents of the
tropical waters as an invitation to find the adventure within you.
My years working as an underwater videographer is the foundation of my discovery in colours and movement.
I work mainly on commission but have had exhibitions in the Maldives, India, Switzerland and Italy.
I also have a "wearable art" apparel line.
After a break to promote my book King Tommy I am now back to painting and in 2018 I am
working on a new series of paintings.
Sizes are 100 x 70 cm.
Other sizes available on request.
Please contact me on imagesbelow@yahoo.com for prizes and info.


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